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Surgery for your pet at Boronia Vet Clinic

A number of veterinarians at the Boronia Veterinary Clinic have a keen interest and considerable experience in surgery. Most week days there are two rostered surgeons that work together in our two theatres. Weekend surgery is limited to Saturday. Be advised, bookings for weekend surgery fill quickly.

All surgeries require the patient to have been seen at the clinic within one month to assess their suitability for general anesthesia and equally importantly, to ensure you the owner, understand the procedure completely.

Our Surgery team

Although all staff in the clinic perform basic surgery, some of the vets have very keen interest and consequently perform more difficult procedures.
If during an initial consultation your pet is booked to have a complex procedure, it may be suggested that you have a second, no-charge, consultation with the surgeon.
This will permit the surgeon to discuss the risks, options and confirm the costs of a surgery.

The importance of good contact details on the day...

The surgeon will have final say on the suitability of the procedures on the day of surgery. If they feel a procedure is not appropriate or they require something additional, they will contact you prior to the surgery commencing.

It is VERY important to have good contact details for the whole day of surgery.

Procedures may be postponed, if owners can't be contacted.