Visiting Vet Students

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Orientation Information for visiting students

This information is intended for 3rd and final year students intending to see practice at Boronia. We hope this information will help you settle in as painlessly as possible. We all remember being vet students in strange practices and we know that it can be intimidating at the beginning.

If you are driving, please park in the street car park first. If full, park at the end of the main carpark.

For a list of our current vets, click here.

If you should have any further queries please email us with care to attention to Drs Matt Costa, Dan Tung or Paul Collyer.

What to wear

How the rosters work and who is where

Hours: 7am-9pm Mon-Fri and 9am-8pm Sun and public holidays.

There are between 1 – 4 consulters out the front.

There is 1 hospital vet (all week) 7am-3pm.

There are 2 surgeons (different each day) 9am-5pm.

There are rostered overnight staff.



Will I be able to perform surgery?

Most elective students will perform surgery with us.

The availability of this depends on the surgery load and the surgeons on the day.

There is a skills checklist you will receive on your first day. Surgeries require other tasks to have been completed first.