Urine Testing

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Urine testing & Annual Health Checks

In house urine testing is free when part of an annual health check (a consultation fee still applies). Urine testing is a simple way to check for many old age conditions. Urine will need to be collected prior to the appointment.

Dog urine collection

While your pet is on lead, have a second person catch the urine using a clean, dry and wide container. Secure the specimen in a container with a secure lid!

Cat urine collection

This is a bit trickier than in dogs. This technique will only work if your cat will use litter trays.

a) Place something which will not absorb water in the tray. Examples include polystyrene balls (care around children or small dogs!!!), cut up drinking straws. Sometimes using a tiny bit of litter can still allow some urine to be collected. There is a link here to an alternative method suggested by the owener of a diabetic cat (click here). You can try using the tray with no litter at all but some cats will be stubborn and not wee.

b) Restrict your cat to one room with a litter tray until he/she urinates.

c) Put the urine into sealed container, avoiding contamination as much as possible.

What information does it provide?

Give the sample to the nurse when you arrive for your appointment. The urine will be tested and the results discussed with you as part of the annual health check. We need very little. 2-5mls can be plenty!