Three Yearly Vaccination - What's good about vaccinating every three years?

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What are the arguments in favour of vaccinating every three years?

1. It works
Australia is not the first to adopt these guidelines. International experience and a consensus of international specialists, tells us that three year vaccination and tailored vaccine programs work. We feel that vets have an obligation to use these recommended protocols.

2. It reduces the overall cost of pet ownership over a pet’s lifetime
Whilst this statement is true at Boronia Veterinary Clinic, this is a very controversial point. Very few vets feel comfortable discussing the financial implications of three year vaccinations.
The fact is that annual vaccinations subsidise all the services that vet clinics provide. A likely consequence of three yearly vaccination is that;

a) Vaccination will be less frequent so therefore will become more expensive.
b) The cost of other veterinary services will become more expensive.
It is very likely that this uncertainty is what is making many vets nervous about adopting three year vaccination programs.