Radiology - Can my pet be xrayed while I wait?

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Can I wait until the xrays are taken?

No. Effective restraint and careful positioning is required to produce a good quality, diagnostic radiograph.  Unlike radiographers in the medical field, we cannot ask our patients for their cooperation in holding their breath, or lying still on their back while we take the image.
Understandably, most of our patients are anxious and frightened while being positioned and held during a radiographic procedure, and they may struggle and panic. To minimise the stress to the patient, and to allow us to take a diagnostic radiograph with the minimum amount of handling and restraint, we sedate most of our patients. 
This process takes some time- time for the sedative to have effect, time for the patient to recover from the effects of the sedative, and so it may be several hours before the patient is ready to go home.
If you are anxious about leaving your pet with us, rest assured that your pet will be calm and relaxed after sedation, and our aim is always to discharge our patients as soon as it is practically possible. It is much better for you to busy yourself with other tasks for the day, rather than experience a long and anxious wait in a veterinary waiting room.