Radiology - Why digital radiography?

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The many advantages of using digital or film-less radiography

  • Improved work safety and reduced environmental impact

Our staff no longer have to work with potentially hazardous chemicals.  All our xray chemicals were disposed of by specialised services but we are happy to be no longer contributing to this environmental burden.

  • Image quality is at least as good as, and in many cases better than it was using film

This means that often fewer images are required to achieve a radiographic diagnosis.

  • Storage and retrieval of radiographs is simplified and streamlined

Storing xrays can take up a lot of space. We have literally thousands of xray films. All these need to be filed and labelled carefully so we can find them again in the future. Digital radiography files and stores the images on a dedicated machine leaving very little chance of losing or misfiling.

  • Making copies of xrays is now much simpler

We are now able to make copies of the radiographs on disc for our clients to take with them for referral. See the "Can I have my pets xrays?" page to view our policy on generating copies for our pet owners.