Cardiology - What tests are available?

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What tests can you do at Boronia Veterinary Clinic?


X-rays are probably the most important test. They will allow us to tell if the heart disease is causing problems in the lungs. Dogs with a murmur and a cough don't all have heart failure. Chest x-rays often help us decide if the cough is being caused by the heart or not.


An ultrasound of the heart is called an "Echocardiograph". Previously only available at specialists, we are fortunate to have this test available at Boronia. When investigating having an echocardiograph performed for your pet, make sure you inquire if the examination includes "doppler" investigation. Doppler allows the ultrasonagrapher to measure blood flows in the heart and is an essential feature of an echocardiograph.


Every time the heart beats, it does so using an electrical impulse that travels through the heart muscle. Electrocardiograms are measurments of that electrical behaviour. Sometimes the heart will develop irregularities called arrythmias. An ECG is required to tell what type it may be and which drugs may help.