Abdominal ultrasound - How to prepare?

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Preparation and what happens on the day

Prior to your ultrasound we ask that you fast your pet of solid food for at least 12 hours prior to the procedure. If there are medical reasons why this is not possible (eg. Diabetes), please discuss these with your vet. Water is fine and should be on offer right until you come to the clinic.

On the day of the ultrasound an appointment time will have been made for you. During this appointment the process will be discussed with you and a quote provided. Then we will admit your pet.

After admission we ask you to allow 1½  hours after admission before coming to collect your pet. Those patients with a discharge appointment will meet the vet again at that time. The results of the ultrasound are sent directly to your vet.

Whilst we do everything to try and keep to our arranged time, sometimes emergencies will take priority. We appreciate your patience in these situations and understanding that if it were your pet that needed urgent attention, we would be able to provide it.


    To allow high quality images and help get an accurate diagnosis,  the entire abdomen needs to be clipped of hair.