When your pet is in hospital - Consistent and daily communication

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The main contact person

To allow us to have the time to give all owners a detailed daily report and to ensure a consistent communication, we ask you to please nominate a family member to be the main contact person. This person can then communicate with the rest of the family.

Morning communication 7am – 9am

  • During this time, the hospital vet and nurse will review all in-patients and the hospital vet will call all the nominated contact people with their daily update reports.
  • This time is when we will discuss your pet's progress and the day's treatment plan. We will also routinely inform you of the current account total.
  • On Sundays and Public holidays, incoming phone calls are not switched on until 9am. The hospital vet will still call you with an update report between 7 and 9am.

During the day

    Additional phone inquiries are usually taken by your hospital nurse. We remind owners that communication will be limited to the nominated contact person.

At the end of the hospital shift

  • The hospital shift finishes between 2pm and 3pm. By this time a treatment plan will be set for your pet, which is overseen by the evening nurses.
  • To keep communication consistent, we encourage all queries about your pets treatment plan to be directed only to your hospital vet and nurse.