24 Hour Hospitalisation

24 Hour Care

Many veterinary clinics have the word "hospital" in their name. What does that mean?

We believe that it should mean that there are facilities to provide care for hospitalised patients similar to what you might expect in a human hospital.
We strongly feel that without this service, a practice is a "day clinic" rather then a "hospital".

We provide 24 hour nursing for all patients in our Hospital.

Rostered Hospital Staff

Having staff specifically assigned to your pet when in hospital is important.

The Working Week (Mon-Fri)
We have gone to some lengths to ensure throughout the working week the same vet and nurse will care for the hospital patients. We have found this consistency is very important in minimising the stress experienced by owners when they have a pet in hospital.
On Saturdays a new vet will take over care of your pet but the same nurse will continue from from the week to extend that all important consistency.
Sundays (Emergency Hospital)
On Sundays we are staffed for emergencies. The duty veterinarian will need to see emergencies as well as care for hospital patients - just like in a casualty department in a human hospital.
Other Options
There are veterinary critical care clinics which have 24 hour veterinary cover. These Intensive Care centres are designed for the very sickest patients or for those clinics unable to provide 24 cover for their clients. This level of care can be cost-prohibitive for many owners.
Whilst our service is of the highest standard it is not intended to provide the same level of critical care as these facilities.