Reducing our impact

Making an effort to reduce our environmental impact is important. We have implemented a number of features to start to meet our environmental responsibilities.

They are only small steps but it is a good start!

Recycled paper

You might notice that the reminders and other paper products you receive have changed colour. The slightly off white colour comes from choosing 100% recycled paper. Whilst the vast majority of our paper products are recycled, not all are available in a 100% recycled product... but we are working on it!

Recycling your old pill containers

Medicines have certain requirements that make re-using packaging or using biodegradable products difficult. For those pet owners keen to limit their contribution to landfill, we offer the option of re using their previous containers when filling repeats on medications. Ask our receptionists if you need further information.

The return of the Hills Hoist!

Our nurses campaigned for this modest step to reduce our dependency on gas dryers.
Veterinary clinics have very busy laundries and saving one load of washing from going into the dryer, can make a difference.

Rainwater collection

Veterinary clinics are large consumers of water. Keeping the clinic clean and hygienic requires frequent washing. We collect almost all the water that falls on our roof. The water is stored in two large tanks and put to use throughout the clinic. In our first year we cut our water consumption by 75%! We are very proud of this small acheivement.

Solar Hot water

The installation of solar hot water has reduced our energy consumption. Re-plumbing our hot water service has reduced water wastage.

Low energy lighting

We have changed all our general lighting to low energy lighting. If you come early to the clinic, it might be a little dim while the lights warm up but the reduction in our carbon footprint over time has made it worth it!

Flourescent tube recycling

Did you know that whilst they are energy efficient, flourescent globes contain harmful compounds that accumulate in landfill?
We utilise the recycling service provided by CMA Ecocycle to reduce our impact for both our staff and the globes we use in the clinic.