Grief and the Loss of your pet

We, the staff at Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital, understand the loss and grief you can experience and our deepest sympathies are with you at this time.

Anyone who considers a pet a beloved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend.

Following are some tips on coping with that grief, and with the difficult decisions faced upon the loss of a pet.

  • Intense grief over the loss of a pet is normal and natural.
    • It's not silly, crazy, or overly sentimental to grieve. Never feel guilty or ashamed about grieving for an animal friend.
  • Grieving is a personal and highly individual experience.
    • Talk through your emotions and cherished memories with a trusted friend or relative.
  • Children and grief
    • The loss of a pet may be a child’s first experience of death - and their first opportunity to learn about coping with the grief and pain that inevitably accompanies the joy of loving another being. Many kids love their pets very deeply and some may not even remember a time in their life when the pet wasn’t around. A child may feel angry and blame themselves—or you—for the pet’s death. A child may feel scared that other people or animals they love may also leave them.
  • Sharing & Support
    • If you observe another individual struggling to cope with grief, offer to listen and support them through their rough time. Everyone may feel the same level of great loss and yet may respond to the grief differently.

For further assistance and support during your time of grieving, please do not hesitate to contact the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement:


Ph: 9265 2100 or Free call 1800 642 066