Drug Alert: Australia wide shortage of CARBIMAZOLE

Friday 22 January 2021
CARBIMAZOLE (Neomercazole) is used to manage hyperthyroidism in cats. Due a national shortage of this drug, patients arebeing required to change to a different form of medication.
Why is there a shortage?
It appears the issue is related to difficulty to get medications into Australia. Many other drugs have encountered similiar supply issues.
Our efforts to acquire consistent supply from all sources, has been unsuccessful. 
Note that some chemists will have limited and partial supply of alternatives but they will be patchy and quickly run out.
We expect the shortage to last until February 2021. 
What is the alternative?
The alternative is a TRANSDERMAL preparation made by a compounding pharmacist. The medication is made up into
a dose syringe and a measured quantity is applied to the inner port of the cats ear.
How do I receive the medication?
Call for a repeat as normal. The vet will write a prescription and send it electronically to My Compounder pharmacy in Boronia. They will contact
you directly by phone and organise payment, delivery or collection.
Make sure you allow TWO WEEKS for supply of the medication in case there are any delivery delays
How much will it cost?
The cost will vary based on dose but will be around $80 per month.
Can I temporarily stop treatment?
Stopping treatment is generally not recommended. Discussing changes in
your cats treatment plan will require a consultation with a vet. 
Can I go back to tablets when they become available?
Absolutely. We will advise owners when the tablets become available again.