Paralysis Tick in Victoria

In the past week we have seen two separate cases of tick paralysis at our clinic. Both of these dogs had recently returned from Gippsland beaches.

While we do have other species of tick living around Boronia, none of these cause paralysis.

If your dog has recently been to Gippsland or the east coast of Australia they may have been exposed.

Typical signs include altered barking, muscle weakness, breathing difficulties, vomitting and other vague changes. Paralysis can progress to death. You may or may not find a small tick attached to your dogs skin.

Tick paralysis is an emergency and requires immediate veterinary attention. Boronia Vet Clinic stocks tick antiserum which must be administered as early as possible for the greatest chance of success.

If you are taking your dog into a paralysis tick area you should use a preventative medication as well as thoroughly checking your dog daily for ticks.

Prior to travel, it is wise to contact a local vet in the area and inquire as to;

a) Do they have paralysis ticks in their area.

b) What is their recommended preventative.