Getting into Vet School

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So you want to be a vet

Competition to study Veterinary science has always been high. Given the high degree of competition, high school students seeking pursue a career in Veterinary science should investigate the entry requirements of all the Veterinary Schools in Australia.

Links to the Vet School undergraduate advice web pages are listed below.

University of Melbourne

University of Sydney

University of Queensland

Murdoch University (Perth)

James Cook University

University of Melbourne degree has changed

The University of Melbourne changed their entry requirements in 2011 to become Australia's first graduate-level veterinary degree. This means an undergraduate degree is a pre-requisite for study. As Academic Associates of the University of Melbourne we get to see many of the undergraduate students from that school. We would highly recommend the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM) that the school provides. The University of Melbourne has always been a vet school of the highest standards and their graduates have been represented strongly in our new appointments. International recognition of your future degree Veterinarians can commonly travel with their degree.


International recognition of your future degree

Veterinarians commonly travel with their degree. Opportunities for employment or further education are present in many overseas countries. When selecting which schools you wish to apply to, be sure to check for overseas accreditation of the degree you will receive when graduating. Several degrees in Australia have accreditation in the US which can be very advantageous if later you wish to undertake specialist training at their vet schools. Accreditation information is present on the various school's websites.